Acquaessentials.com is Open for Business

TheEyeWorks recently launched Acquaessentials.com, a European cosmetics and spa skin care products company that is opening its virtual business doors in the US.  The new site is the only place you can find their unique Mondariz and Caviahue lines of thermal water-based exfoliants, lotions and creams, as these products will not be sold in stores.

Acquaessentials.com is an e-commerce site that is designed and developed to put the focus on the customer. It’s easy to navigate, contains the right information and is visually appealing. It creates the an ideal environment for the customer to take their time and browse through the various beauty products.

“The design and functionality of the site, exceeded my expectations,” said Javier Martinez, CEO of Acquaessentials.com. “It’s a beautiful site and I know that customers will want to come back again and again as we expand and add new and different products to the site.”

Acquaessentials.com is now live and the reviews make us tingle all over.