AITP Selects TheEyeWorks as its Design Firm

The Association of IT Professionals, Developing Minds and Technology, is the nation’s largest association of IT professionals. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, AITP boasts over 7,000 members in over 140 professional and 250 student chapters nationwide. AITP provides its members leadership, educational, certification and career enrichment programs, including special seminars and annual conferences.

“We are very happy working with TheEyeWorks in this new professional relationship,” said Deborah Lovell, AITP Executive Vice-President/2009 President-Elect and President and CEO, On Your Market, an integrated marketing and business development agency in Dallas, Texas. “They have provided excellent design and production capabilities and we look forward to a long lasting partnership.”

Ramir Camu, President and CEO, TheEyeWorks, echoed that message. “We are extremely happy in partnering with such a dynamic and energetic association. I’m confident that we will have many exciting projects to complete for AITP in the near future.”