Koios Works Completes Acquisition of TheEyeWorks

Koios Works Adds Strong Digital Marketing and Technology Capabilities To Support Ambitious Plans.

Koios Works today announced that it has completed the acquisition of TheEyeWorks.  This acquisition adds deep technology and digital marketing capabilities to an already unique blend of management and technology consulting services.

“TheEyeWorks brings a unique set of technology and digital marketing skills that strongly enhance the value proposition we offer our clients”, said Rene Larrave, Chief Executive Officer of Koios Works.  “Their strong reputation in the marketplace, deep technology skills, and strong client relationships will only help achieve our business objectives faster.”

“Koios Works has developed an exciting and unique value proposition that combined with our experience and capabilities presented a one of a kind opportunity that was hard to pass”, said Ramir Camu, President of TheEyeWorks.  “With our combined capabilites we can now deliver value to our clients that goes beyond what other firms in the marketplace can offer.”

TheEyeWorks was founded in 2001 in Dallas, Texas.  Since its inception, TheEyeWorks has provided unique digital marketing and technology solutions to small, medium, and large clients throughout the United States and Mexico in a variety of industries.  Over time, it developed a reputation for leading-edge digital marketing and technology solutions with a strong user experience component.  For more information, click here.

About Koios Works

Koios Works is a management and technology consulting firm based in Dallas, Texas.