Ramir Camu, CEO of TheEyeWorks to Present at the International Victims’ Awareness Symposium

Ramir will be presenting at the International Victims’ Awareness Symposium in Bogotá, Colombia on Thursday, April 29, 2010.

The symposium, which runs April 29 through May 1, is organized by the United States Department of Justice. This international symposium will feature speakers from different organizations who focus on crimes including homicides, sexual assault, domestic violence and human rights and also showcases support tools.

Some notable presenters include:

•    Maria Mercedes Edith Carbajal Della Siega – an internationally renowned domestic violence author •    Dr. Jose Carlos Bermejo Higuera – Director of the Center for Humanizing Health, Madrid, Spain •    Dr. Lisa Shedden – Victim Witness Program Coordinator for the Department of Justice, Dallas, Texas • Professor Fernando Orjuela Lozano – Colombian professor and cultural, social and communication consultant.

Ramir’s presentation will focus on the use of a victim-witness notification software. TheEyeWorks designed, developed and implemented a victim notification software for the United States Department of Justice in Bogotá. TheEyeWorks system which is used by the Victim Awareness Center has been pivotal in assisting Colombian crime victims in their fight for justice.