Siemens Commercial Mail Division Selects TheEyeWorks to Design its UMove Website

imageSiemens Commercial Mail Division, of Siemens AG, Frankfurt, Germany, has selected TheEyeWorks to help brand UMove™, their national commercial mail forwarding technology. TheEyeWorks will design a Website dedicated to informing and educating commercial mailers on the new technologies associated with Siemens’ UMove software. This project is current and under development.

Chuck Scott, Director, Siemens Commercial Mail Division, commented on the continuing professional relationship between Siemens and TheEyeWorks. “TheEyeWorks has provided excellent design and marketing support to help us achieve our sales and revenues goals within our division. They have designed and produced a number of instrumental collateral and online materials that really have set us apart in our industry. We are excited about our UMove Website and I believe our online presence will go a long way in giving our customers the information they need on this innovative technology.”

Siemens’ UMove, Improving the Deliverability of Mail, is a mail forwarding system that currently compliments the United States Postal Service ™ (USPS) mail forwarding software, FastForward™. UMove takes the guess work out of lost mail and provides for a more accurate and faster way for national commercial mail houses to get their mail out quickly and provides them an additional revenue stream. In the future, Siemens’ UMove, will seamlessly forward all personal mail as well as commercial mail, with ease.

“We are proud of our continuing partnership with Siemens Customer Service Sub-Division and Siemens Commercial Mail Division,” said Ramir Camu, President and CEO, TheEyeWorks. “We truly are excited about working with such a dynamic and energetic organization. We have completed some impactful projects for Siemens and provided meaningful marketing support that I believe has made a strategic difference. TheEyeWorks looks forward to an ongoing, successful and close partnership with Siemens.”