Small Creative Agencies Capitalize On Shrinking Corporate Marketing Budgets

Trend Will Continue into 2010; Smaller Agencies Better Positioned to Compete

TheEyeWorks, www.theeyeworks.com, an integrated Web, Marketing and Public Relations agency, continues to see large companies scaling back their marketing activity - a trend that possibly could benefit smaller agencies in smaller markets. Recently, Intel moved its branding and corporate image campaigns away from Madison Avenue’s McCann Erickson Worldwide to Venables Bell & Partners in San Francisco, CA.

“This is in line with what we have been seeing,” said Ramir Camú, President and CEO, TheEyeWorks. “Larger companies that were used to having sizable recurring marketing budgets are now closely watching how and where they spend every dollar.”

Mr. Camu elaborated, “It comes down to value. Companies are becoming wiser about who they partner with to help them achieve their branding goals. This creates an opening for smaller agencies like TheEyeWorks. Smaller shops are nimble, more cost conscious than our bigger agency cousins, plus we are hungry to prove ourselves.”

TheEyeWorks also sees the following marketing trends:
•  Over 60% of businesses have or will downsize their marketing budgets this year
•  These companies may cut their budgets by as much as 50%
•  Over half of the companies TheEyeWorks polled would consider a smaller agency, if that agency could produce similar results

“TheEyeWorks has experienced this trend firsthand when a division of a Fortune 500 company turned to us for marketing support. Through TheEyeWorks they have been able to cut their marketing expenditures by as much as 30% while maintaining or even exceeding the level of service and creativity.”

About TheEyeWorks
TheEyeWorks is a fully-integrated Web, Marketing and Public Relations agency based in Dallas, TX.  TheEyeWorks provides a complete suite of Web-based services including: Website Development and Design, Email Marketing, Hosting, Search Engine Optimization, and a host of traditional Marketing services including: Advertising, Public Relations, Crisis Management, Direct Mail and Media Relations. TheEyeWorks’s clients range from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations, to various types of complex organizations and non-profits.