TheEyeWorks Makes New Appointments

2011 is off to a fast start! To keep the momentum going, TheEyeWorks has made the following new appointments:

Eric Carroll is hired as Designer and Developer extraordinaire. He's already contributed to a few projects and we can tell he's going to be a valuable asset to our team. He does need to work on his comedic timing, though.

Eric Garza (the original Eric at the agency) is promoted to Account Manager. He has proven himself at TheEyeWorks by taking care of our clients and getting the job done right. We hope he does a better job taking care of the agency fish with his new role.

Eli Hernandez is appointed Chief Marketing Officer. He also is celebrating 25 years in marketing in 2011! So after 25 years, there's not much more to say to Eli except, get to work!

Congratulations to our team members. And to our clients, how may we help you?