3 Tips for Going Mobile

3 Tips for Going Mobile

Last night when I got home from the office, I checked and sent some emails, read some blogs, booked my flight to Vegas, scoped the Twitterverse and Liked my friend's funny post on Facebook without opening my laptop. It really is amazing what we can do on our phones and tablet PC's.

You've probably read that "going mobile" is a mantra for companies in 2011. This brings huge opportunities, but your company's initiatives may be left behind without some adjustments:

1. Make the content easy to view

Your website or newsletter may look great on a monitor or a laptop, but it may be difficult to read on a cell phone. Do a little intelligence gathering from your customers and employees. If they have trouble viewing your website on their phone, create a mobile version of it. Your prospect may researching your company while on their phone. Your goal should be to make all of the great content on your site easy to view no matter the platform.

2. Easy navigation

Make sure the user has easy access to the content you're providing. Make navigation menus easy to find and easy to use. There is nothing more frustrating than having to zoom in and out to be able to access content.

3. Kill the Flash

Although the amount of Android users recently surpassed those who own an iPhone, you can't ignore that there is a significant number of people who can't view Flash on their mobile device (currently, a little over half of Android devices can run Flash). Although the user may curse their device upon visiting your site, you can alleviate their pain by providing a Flash-free site. It's a win-win: you get to share your content to anyone on any platform and the user gets to view your site no matter which device they are using.

When you think about it, going mobile isn't painstakingly difficult. It just takes some simple retooling to provide the end user the content they are looking for.

Of course, going mobile also brings up the debate of whether we'll soon be in a browser free world and simply use apps for everything web-related. But that's a discussion for another blog.

Is your company going mobile? What are some of your favorite mobile-friendly sites? Here are some of ours:

  • Reuters
  • Amazon
  • ESPN

Image: Robert Scoble, "iPhone 4.0", Via Flickr Creative Commons Attribution

Posted by Eric Garza on 03/24 at 12:52 PM in Technology

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