3 Video Styles to Help Your Business Conquer YouTube

3 Video Styles to Help Your Business Conquer YouTube

YouTube is without question one of the most important resources on the Internet. It eclipsed Yahoo! to become the second most used search engine behind Google. Many companies have begun to open their own YouTube channels to take advantage of YouTube's power. Here are three different styles of video your company can create to post on YouTube.

1) How-To's: YouTube is full of how-to videos. From using Twitter for business, learning sales tips or blogging advice, YouTube has it covered. How-to videos are great because you can walk your viewer through a task or possibly a frequently asked question. This video from ProBlogger is a great example:

2) What's New: Your company is already blogging, or working on getting started, so why not create a video to replace or complement your blog post. Instead of writing a new blog post regarding a new product offering, make a short video. Here's a great example from Southwest Airlines:

3) About Products and Services: Show off your new or existing products or services. By creating a video you can show more features and how to interact with it. Check out this in-depth video for the HTC EVO 4G:

Creating videos is a great way to diversify your website and add some great user-friendly content your website and blog. Your videos don't have to be expensive productions either. Using a webcam and some basic video editing software can also be really effective.

Has your company ventured into Internet video? Feel free to share your videos or stories in the comments section below.

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Posted by Eric Garza on 08/03 at 02:44 PM in BusinessMarketingSocial Media

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