4 Questions to Ask of Your Next Email Marketing Campaign

4 Questions to Ask of Your Next Email Marketing Campaign

Your team is meeting on your next marketing initiative. You are looking to get it rolling sooner rather than later. You brainstorm and decide that an email marketing campaign will cover all the bases. Ask yourself these questions along the way to ensure success.

1) Is the message clear and simple?
Whether you are unveiling a new product, offering a solution or sending a coupon code, make sure your message and call to action are clear. Keep it simple and don’t overwhelm your audience. If you plan on offering several options, trim them down. The less choice, the better. However, if your goal is to distribute several bits of information, incorporate a quick introduction and set up a link to redirect to the complete post or appropriate site.

2) What is our timing?
A campaign isn't simply sending one email. A campaign needs to be consistent and have some sort of scheduling to it. If you have trouble deciding when to start your campaign, take a look at retailers. They usually tie their campaigns to a top of mind event. For example, there is a soccer t-shirt store that sent a coupon code just in time for the World Cup. If you placed an order the day the email was sent, you would receive your shirt just in time for the first game. Retailers are particularly good at tying their email blasts to events to raise awareness of their new styles and offereings. However, their success doesn't solely lie in their first email, but with their consistent and scheduled follow ups.

3) Have we accurately targeted out recipients?
Take some time to analyze your contact lists to find the best segment of recipients to target for each particular email blast. If you’ve got analytics set up from prior email blasts, use them! Don’t send an overarching welcome message to everyone on your list. Be selective. Your recipients will be more attentive to messages that are pertinent to them and their experiences with your company.

4) Is our email blast user friendly and does it complement our website?
Eye catching design is important for all marketing materials, but your design team should create an email blast with the same look and feel as your website. They should also take functionality into account. Your call to action should be prominent. Make sure your subscribe, download or purchase links don't get buried. And don’t forget to add your social media links and make sure that your recipients can share the email with a friend.

An email marketing campaign is a great way to create awareness for developments at your company. By asking yourself these questions along the way your campaign can be successful. Do you have any additional questions to add to this list? Feel free to share in the comments section.

Posted by Eric Garza on 06/10 at 04:29 PM in BusinessMarketingTechnology

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