4 Social Media Lessons from The Old Spice Guy

4 Social Media Lessons from The Old Spice Guy

Old Spice’s latest Social Media campaign wrapped up early yesterday morning and it certainly created a lot of buzz in Twitterverse and Blogosphere. Whether it was a success or failure remains to be seen, but there are four takeaways we’d like to share and show you how to relate them to your social media strategy.

1) Keep it real

One of the great things about this campaign was how customized it was. Albeit not everyone who asked the Old Spice Guy a question got a video response those who did received one unique to them (more than 180 people.)

How can you apply this lesson to your Social Media strategy? Don’t send bland, automated responses when you receive a new follower. Most people can tell when you have an automated response set up. If your goal is simply to rack up more followers (which is the wrong goal to have) keep using the autoresponders. Imagine how ineffective this campaign would’ve been if Old Spice simply used a voiceover on each video. It would’ve led to a total disaster.

If you want to really engage in conversation and have your followers feel welcomed, take some time to craft out a unique response. If you are planning on taking Social Media seriously, then it should take the time to be real with its audience.

2) Listen with intent

The Old Spice team did a great job of scoping out funny or interesting tweets that they could turn into videos. By listening to their audience they were able to accomplish this and you should do the same. Be on the lookout for interesting discussions about your products or brand, topics related to your industry or questions that you could chime in on. This is a great way to build recognition and trust from your followers or fans.

3) Be timely in your response

The turnaround on these videos was incredibly quick. Yes Old Spice did have a team to get this done as quickly as possible, but those handling your company’s Social Media accounts can do the same. And in case you were wondering having an autoresponder doesn’t warrant a timely response.

Try to minimize your response time when you receive a mention, reply, retweet or direct message. Twitter is real time communication, so do your best to keep up and keep your audience engaged. We are all very busy and often get drawn away into meetings or project work, but if you are keeping a mindful eye on Twitter or Facebook, respond as soon as you can. Also, if you aren’t in the habit of thanking your followers for retweets start now.

4) Don’t take yourself too seriously

Old Spice’s recent campaigns haven’t taken themselves too seriously, but this is a valuable lesson you can apply to Twitter. Have fun while you are on Twitter and know that the person on the other side is human (which is why those autoresponders are a bad idea.) Don’t be scared to interact and get yourself out there. Social Media is still relatively young and we are all trying to figure it out together. However, don’t be ruthless and use good judgment.

This recent Old Spice campaign has been one of the most original and interesting Social Media ventures that we have seen. Now that it’s over, it will be interesting to see how other companies respond and what their takeaways are from this campaign. We hope that some of the lessons we shared with you will help push you in the right direction on Twitter. If you have any questions or comments feel free to drop us a line or send us a Tweet, we’ll send you a personalized DM we promise! By the way, here is our favorite video from the campaign.

Posted by Eric Garza on 07/16 at 10:45 AM in Social Media

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