Boost Your Brand with Social Media

Boost Your Brand with Social Media

Social media won't transform your brand into a super brand, but it can definitely help get it on its way. Let's take a look at three traditional branding goals and see how social media can help improve them.

1. Awareness

We want everyone to know how awesome our products are. Traditionally, we would send out mail pieces, put up billboards, use streamers on airplanes and spend big large amounts of cash on TV spots. These are all great and are still important to build your brand.

Social media helps improve upon these methods by adding another way to stay in front of your customers. A quick tweet will show up on all your followers timelines. A status update will appear on your Facebook fan's news feeds.

You may be thinking, "With so many Tweets per minute, my message will just get lost in the shuffle." Well, isn't the same thing happening to your direct mail pieces and advertisements? We live in a highly competitive environment, of course there is going to be clutter. So, what's the point of using social media? The answer is interaction.

2. Interaction

When you receive a direct mail piece with a coupon code that you want to use, you simply follow the call to action. Your next point of interaction is either going to the store, website or picking up the phone.

With a Tweet or a Facebook update there is a chance for an instant response from the recipient. What's even better is that you can respond just as quickly. This helps cut down the time on communication. Information can now be transferred in real time and help your prospects make decisions.

3. Personality

Social media allows you to bring the human element to the forefront of brand. When communicating through these channels you have an actual person managing the conversation. This can help improve customer service drastically. Many larger brands have created specific Twitter accounts specifically designed for customer service.

Specific accounts don't have to be created for just customer service. You may have certain members of your staff who are more proficient with certain products or services.

With social media being so new and constantly evolving, there really are no set rules. The key to for success is to leverage these tools along with your traditional marketing activities.

How do you see social media improving traditional branding in the years to come?

Have something to add? Feel free to let us know.

Image: Steve Juvertson, "Supersonic Drag Race", March 14, 2009. Via Flickr Creative Commons Attribution.

Posted by Eric Garza on 11/09 at 01:52 PM in Social Media

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