Business Checklist for 2010

Business Checklist for 2010

The New Year is approaching fast. And every business owner should take some time out to strategize and develop an approach to what could be a promising year.

Most economic indicators are heading in the right direction – as contrasted with the end of 2008 going into 2009 – so there will be less if not any excuses for a successful 2010 for most businesses.

Here’s a checklist for every business owner and his staff to use. Is your business ready to take full advantage of the opportunities ahead?

1. Is your Website ready?

By ready I mean: is your Website delivering strong, qualified leads, does your website capture prospect information to your CRM, is your website easily updateable by your staff? Let’s face it just about every serious business has an online presence. If your site is not ready for 2010, not to worry, your competitor’s site is.

2. Is your business plan up-to-date?

For that matter is your marketing plan also 2010 focused? Consider developing a new business and/or marketing plan that addresses the business opportunities, challenges and realities ahead. Your plans should closely match your goals, customer’s needs, and realistic business landscape. The worst case scenario is for you to use an old plan and simply adjust it for a new year.

3. Are your marketing materials up-to-date?

For example, take a good look at your brochure: is the information correct, have you started new divisions and are they listed on the brochure, are the people you have listed on the brochure still working for you, has the brochure been updated and redesigned in the last couple of years? If the answer is no, then most likely you have an outdated marketing piece. Take a hard look at all your collaterals and consider updating them for a more professional presentation.

4. Are your sales people and efforts matching your goals?

If your business goals are to double your sales in the next year or grow into new markets, then you will need to make the necessary adjustments to match your objectives, such as, will you need additional sales people? Also, do they have the right materials and presentations, do they have modern communications methods, are they tracking and logging their leads and contacts, and have they received recent training and are they ready for the challenges ahead?

5. Is your Website optimized?

Or are you a very well kept secret? If your potential customers cannot find you online, then you have a nice looking site that no one can find. You need to optimize it, which means you need fresh content that has strategic key search words throughout, you need to make sure your website is SEO friendly, start tracking your site using Google Analytics. If you don’t continually optimize your site, then most likely you are losing very valuable new customers and business.

6. If PR is part of your marketing mix, how has the program worked for you?

Of course with most things, you need to give PR a chance to actually work. But here are some things to consider: is your current agency doing the job for you – have you graded them lately, is the information on all your online and offline materials updated, do you have fresh and current press releases on your site, is your media database up-to-date, have you posted some articles lately, are you distributing press release on a regular basis. If you are paying high PR fees and you aren’t getting increased hits to your site, or mention in the press or visible PR efforts, it may be time to consider another agency.

There are of course other line items on your checklist, however these should be some of the most pressing items you should address as a business owner.

If you would like to add something to the checklist, by all means, please send us a comment. Let us know what is most important to you in getting ready for the New Year.

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