Cold Calls - Chapter One: Turn The Beat Around

Cold Calls - Chapter One: Turn The Beat Around

It’s early in the morning and you wake up feeling good. You think about what you need to do at work and suddenly that good feeling is gone. You find every excuse to stall the inevitable. You get an ugly feeling in the pit of your stomach.

You get to work. You get some coffee. You talk to your co-workers. Maybe you check the news.

You’re stalling again.

You look at the phone and look away defeated – even before you make the first call. You are about to enter the dead zone of cold calling.

No one and we mean NO ONE likes to make cold calls. Yet no matter what type of business or organization you belong to, someone higher up is forcing you to call someone that has never heard of you before.

There are very real physiological reactions to cold calling.

Your heart may begin to beat a little faster.

You might even feel a little light headed.

Some have reported blurry vision.

Even though you have your script in front of you, your tongue feels dry and refuses to cooperate.

The palms of your hands may begin to sweat – among other unmentionable areas.

You feel nervous and some may even feel nauseated.

THEN…there are the obstacles.

The first is most likely the biggest challenge – picking the phone up. It feels like a 100 pound dumbbell.

Then you have to get past the gate keeper (aka the receptionist, executive secretary, personal assistant) who has great mystical powers and can look deep into your soul over the phone line.

IF you get past the gate keeper, and we mean a big IF, that’s when everything falls apart as the person who is your target gets on the phone.

Let us be very clear. The person you are trying to reach DOES NOT want to hear from you. They don’t know you and could care less who you are.

At this point, try not sounding like a total buffoon when that person answers the line. Of course you totally forget why you are calling in the first place. Blast that script!

SO…why put yourself through it. Why make those cold calls? Why rip your body and soul apart each time you make that cold call?

Here is a novel idea. What if instead of making cold calls, the calls are actually coming to you.

Turn the beat around! Do a 180! Change the rules of the game! Do a paradigm shift! Pick one – you get the idea.

If the calls are coming to you, that means that the person calling actually wants to talk to you. It would be like slicing butter with a warm knife.

“How may we help you,” you say with glee. You actually feel giddy. You feel strong, confident, your voice has authority. You skip into your bosses office and deliver the good news.

So how do you make the calls come to you?

Stay tuned for the second part of this Blog. In Chapter 2 we will tell you how to turn the beat around on those cold calls.

You may never make another cold call again.

Do you have any cold call horror stories? We’d like to hear about them. We have some cold call stories that would make you scream like the guy in the picture above.

Image: ideaLaunch

Posted by Eric Garza on 08/31 at 09:49 AM in BusinessMarketing

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