Cold Calls - Chapter Two: Kill the Cold Calls!

Cold Calls - Chapter Two: Kill the Cold Calls!

This is the second installment in a series on generating sales by doing away with cold calling.

Let’s the face facts: cold calling is random, a complete waste of time most of the time and has the ability to bring any high-performance sales professional to their knees.

What we are proposing is a complete 180 to cold calling. It’s a trashing of the “old” sales model of creating leads and generating new business. BE FOREWARNED: these are not easy steps. Yet if you are ready for a 21st century approach to your sales efforts, you just may be opening a whole new world of sales opportunities.

Step #1 – Mindset Change

It starts from the top down and involves a complete mindset change. If you have any experience in cold calling you know that it has very high negatives – the pressure to deliver is enormous and unrealistic. It certainly is unfair to your sales professionals. The return on time, pressure and tears is just not worth the effort. Any sales driven organization is very likely to have a high-turnover rate if they depend on cold calling.

Thus the first step is having a complete change in your thinking. Consider it a change in business culture. And this first step is not easy to accept nor undertake, but the dividends may pay off generously later.

Step #2 – Destroy your sales model!

Do your homework and from the information you gather develop a fresh approach to your sales program. Some professionals call it a paradigm shift or a change in strategy. Whatever you call it make your sales program dynamic and one that keeps up with evolving technology.

After you have pummeled your sales model with a sledgehammer, now it’s time to let the phoenix rise from the ashes. Take time to talk to your sales people and listen to their concerns. Survey your current customers – ask them what works and what annoys them about pesky sales people. Do some intelligence work and find out what your competitors are doing. If they are doing something like Social Media, for example, then you know you have some catching up to do.

Step #3 – Integrate Technology

In your new sales approach, integrate technology across the board and at all levels. By now you should be resigned to the fact that the Internet is not going to go away. But rather today’s serious enterprises are leveraging technology’s power and reach to accomplish a number of business goals that were unheard of even some decades ago.

Internet marketing – the new term is “Inbound Marketing” – has many tools at its disposal and don’t you know that traditional marketing has taken note and utilizes these new tech tools for its client’s benefit. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Email marketing, RSS Feeds and Social Media – albeit still in its infancy stage – are all tech-based marketing tools that can (1) reduce costs, (2) reduce the sales cycle, (3) bring in prospects faster, (4) reach more prospects and (5) improve sales team’s morale overall.

The last benefit may be the best benefit and the key to making that paradigm shift or change in strategy we mentioned before. The old cold calling model involves making endless outbound calls to capture that one interested prospect. This new approach brings those calls directly to you. The prospect or “warm lead” actually wants to talk to your sales people and they want to hear more about what you have to offer.

Imagine that! Sales calls coming into your sales offices. These inbound sales calls are ready to add to your bottomline. Now that’s a paradigm shift. Thus no more cold calling.

Whew! Three steps are enough for now. There are more, but these should get you started.

We have a report we would like to share with you. If want to know what else you can do to change your old sales model into a 21st century sales powerhouse and one that leverages today’s technology, let us know and we would be happy to send it to you. Simply click here, give us a way to send it to you, and we will send it to you with our compliments.

We are all in this together and we look forward to helping you maximize your business success. Let us know if you have any questions or comments.

Also, in case you need some inspiration on bringing the sledgehammer to your current sales model, check out this video of Peter Gabriel's 1986 hit "Sledgehammer."

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