Complement Your Digital Efforts With Strong Print Materials

Complement Your Digital Efforts With Strong Print Materials

Let's admit it. A lot of us have been focusing on fortifying our web-based marketing efforts. Whether it's manning those Twitter and Facebook accounts, analyzing keywords to optimize your website or generating content for your blog, you've more than likely spent more time trying to improve your web presence. This is all well and good, but don't forget about those print marketing pieces!

1) Eye-catching design. Whether its a direct mail piece or a sales collateral piece, you want the recipient to pick it up. Great design is the way to do it. Remember, great doesn't mean over the top. Be inline with your industry and your messaging.

2) Functionality. This ties in closely with design. Oddly shaped pieces stand out and can get you noticed. However, don't go out of your way to send something whacky just to stand out. Make sure it makes sense with your overall goals and messaging. Say no to cheesy!

3) World-class copy. A beautifully designed mail piece isn't going to generate a lead. Fantastic copy, on the other hand, will. You don't have too much time to make an impression, so make your call-to-action strong and place it, along with other important messages, at the beginning and at the end. Also, put yourself in your customers shoes while writing. Use words and phrases that strike a chord with them.  

4) Web links. The web is where most people turn to when looking for information on a company, so make sure your web links are included in your print materials. 

5) Consistency. Campaigns, whether large or small, need consistency. If you are going to be sending out mail pieces on a constant basis, make sure they have the same look and feel.

Some of these tips may sound familiar. You may have been following these in some of your web marketing work, so there is definitely an overlap. Just because we are moving towards a more web-based marketing world doesn't mean you have to give your traditional marketing works a cold shoulder. They may generate the leads your business is looking for.

Image: Niels Heidenreich, "Printed Matter Portfolio (1997-2003) II/II", July 2, 2006. Via Flickr Creative Commons Attribution.
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