Does Your Website Say: Going Out of Business?

Does Your Website Say: Going Out of Business?

Every major metropolitan area has one - a run down, dilapidated and depressed area that for all practical reasons is abandoned. Out of business signs abound. Storefronts in these areas are usually boarded up. Their customers are long gone. It's very sad to see, but unfortunately its reality. 

Does your Website say: Out of business?

Unfortunately there are plenty of Websites that have a severely dated look, broken links, little to no functionality, horrible use of imagery (photos), content that doesn't make much sense and has no purpose. Even worse, some of these sites look more like PowerPoint presentations than fully-functioning Websites.

Take a closer look at your site. What is your Website saying to your customers and prospects?

Is it that the business owner doesn't care about their Website? Maybe. Is it that they don't know that their site is really that bad? Maybe. Is it that they don't know how to update or upgrade their site? Maybe all of the above.

By now most serious business owners should know that their Website is a reflection on them and their company. Both customers and prospects will make certain assumptions about how you do business based on your online presence.

In fact, what is one of the first things a prospect will do when considering doing business with you? They will go to your Website to find out more about you and your company.

We can tell business owners that they most assuredly are missing out on business opportunities by having a dated and under-performing Website until we are blue in the face.

But it really is up to them to decide that they need to put more focus, emphasis and energy to having the best Website for their business.

So take a good look at your company site again. Is it telling your prospects that you're serious about business or seriously going out of business? 

Image: AR McLin, "WeQuit" via Flickr Creative Commons Attribution

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