Don’t Be A Social Media Couch Potato

Don’t Be A Social Media Couch Potato

Technology's rapid growth and social media's ever-expanding reach have created some amazing tools. Monitoring and analytics tools allow businesses like the Mom and Pop store around the corner to Fortune 500 companies stay abreast on what is happening in their networks. Meanwhile, other applications make it easy to keep organize the social media outlets you are using, whether it's one, three or more.

Unfortunately, technology has also made the average social media user lazy, especially on Twitter. Just like the remote control created lazy channel surfers, some of these tools are creating social media couch potatoes. What I'm referring to specifically is the automated direct message.

These messages are a great way to get unfollowed because there is absolutely nothing social about them.

Direct messages should be the most personal way to communicate with someone on Twitter because it can lead to fostering the relationship on a one-on-one level rather than on one-to-many.

Don't just thank your followers and send them to your blog or Facebook page because you're looking to meet an ad revenue goal or get more Likes. That isn't providing any value.

If you want to thank your new followers, don't be a robot, be a human and send a customized message. Think about it this way, would you ever send an automated "Thanks for friend requesting me" message on Facebook? Didn't think so.

So check out their Tweets, see what you have in common or how you can help them out. Would you rather get a real response in a few days or an instantaneous, unpersonalized, automatically generated message?

Twitter may be about speed, but it should be social, not automated.

Is your company sending automated DMs? Have you been able to engage more or less than before? What are some other lazy social media habits you've seen or picked up? Let us know in the comments and let's get a friendly debate going.

Image: Banalities, "Couch Potato", via Flickr Creative Commons Attribution

Posted by Eric Garza on 06/09 at 09:12 AM in Social Media

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