Don’t Forget the Blog!

Don’t Forget the Blog!

As more social media tools are created, like Twitter’s Business Center, companies will gravitate towards them looking to capitalize on the newest, hottest tool. However, blogging, which we consider as one of social media’s past times, should not be overlooked.

175 of the Fortune 500 companies are on Twitter, but less than 50% are actively blogging. So that got us asking ourselves, “Why?”

A blog doesn’t have to be an extensive case study or a 5,000 word essay that you post every week. It can be short and simple, while still providing relevant information and insight. There are plenty of different types of blogs. Here are some examples of what a blog can do:

  • Tell stories
  • Relay information to your customers
  • Create awareness
  • Allow interaction

Wells Fargo’s Guided by History Blog shares stories about the company’s past and bridges them to the present and the future. Although they work in a highly regulated industry, they still manage to offer insight through their innovations. If you work in a similar industry, this blog offers a great idea of how to get your blog started.

A blog is a great way to relay information to your customers when 140 characters aren't enough. Twitter’s Status Blog helps provide information on problems with Twitter. When the “Follow Bug”, which “forced” people to follow you, hit on May 10, Twitter’s Status Blog gave updates on eliminating the bug and restoring calm in the Twitterverse.

Nike’s Running Blog helps create awareness for Nike+ their running companion software and online runner’s community. Their blog isn’t traditional in the sense that it has multiple posts each day. It is more interactive. Readers can choose different challenges to take on, find a shoe that is ideal for their feet, login to their Nike+ account or shop.

American Express Open Forum is designed to bring small business owners together and interact about the trials, tribulations, and successes of small business. This particular blog is exclusive and being a cardholder is required, but this helps everyone in the community have something in common.

Have you seen any blogs recently that do any of the above, or perhaps something different and innovative? If so, please let us know, we would love to check them out. Also, feel free to share your blog with us. For those of you without a blog, we hope that these examples will get you started and you won’t forget the blog as part of your social media strategy.

Posted by Eric Garza on 05/20 at 02:26 PM in BusinessSocial Media

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