From SMU to TEWs - An Intern’s Work Pt. 2

From SMU to TEWs - An Intern’s Work Pt. 2

I have been performing the same general tasks since my last post, however, I had a very special day on May 19.

During the morning the team was having a pow-wow on new logo design options for a client, and as always my input was not only welcome, but expected. Ramir is in Colombia, so it was just Eli, Eric (Uno) and myself. I did not feel like I gave any spectacular input, but I spoke my mind, and afterwards Eli thanked me for my input and told me that I added some valuable insight. Hearing that from someone who has been in the industry for so long like Eli meant a lot to me.

In the afternoon, the team was set to go to a B2B Expo at the Garland Chamber of Commerce. Eli was very busy and stayed behind, sending Eric and I on the mission of returning with business cards from potential clients.

We did some preparatory research on site to make sure we made best use of the time we had at the expo, and spoke with around 11 companies present. We came back with 3 solid prospects and a number of other contacts that would prove useful in the future as well.

This was the first time I had gone out of the office for work, so it was a fun experience in general. On top of that, Eli made a point to tell Eric and I what a good job we had done before we left, and even made a Twitter post about it! I come to work excited to see what I can learn about the industry, but more importantly what I can learn about myself in the process. Thank you to my team for all of the wonderful encouragement and support!

Image: Garland Chamber of Commerce via Facebook

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