Get Your New and Improved PR Here

Get Your New and Improved PR Here

As soon as a new gadget comes out it seems to be obsolete just as fast. Inevitably it is replaced by something faster, smaller and "smarter." Public Relations as a discipline has seen these types of evolution before.

Many people are not aware that PR as a discernible field of practice has been around since the 1920's, if not earlier. And just as fast as business, technology and people evolved, so to did PR.

So when a little upstart called Social Media came along, it was hailed as faster, more personal (smaller) and smarter than the traditional practice of PR. And in some ways it is.

But people forget that PR is a proven entity and has withstood the test of time. Social Media, while proving itself on the global scene - the Egyptian uprisings come to mind - it's still a fumbling infant by comparison.

While PR is inherently social, Social Media has made the practice of Public Relations "more social" and put it into the hands of just about anybody - which is a good thing. The social networks have amplified and enhanced all things PR.

Get your new and improved PR by adding these "social" enhancers:

Now more than ever take advantage of video.

Add video to press releases, to Websites, to articles and to just about any tactic within PR. Use YouTube to help you spread the message. If your video is creative enough, who knows it just might make it into the viral hall of fame.

Use Twitter to get your corporate messages, product reviews, news announcements, special deals out to your customers and business influencers.

But make sure someone with experience is delivering these "social" messages. Let your followers help you deliver the good news.

It cannot be understated that Facebook is a social network powerhouse.

Use Facebook to tell your story, your way. Let your friends help you spread the word, help you bring in more friends and talk about what is most important to you.

Have photos, will share.

Share images of client special events, corporate charity activity, product launches, and just about any PR activity on Flickr. Use these photos to help tell the story and get the exposure that will make your PR more effective.

Make all your PR work more actionable and social by using a combination of these and other social networks.

Let the influencers you are trying to reach do something with the messages and information you are sharing.

No, Social Media is not the PR "killa" that some had hoped for. Instead, Social Media supplements and enhances Public Relations, and ultimately gives it more reach and more influence. So in the end, Social Media has made PR faster, more personal and smarter.

Image: David Spinks, "IMG_6433", Via Flickr Creative Commons Attribution.

Posted by Eli Hernandez on 06/21 at 03:19 PM in Public RelationsSocial Media

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