How My HTC EVO Saved the Day

How My HTC EVO Saved the Day

In the midst of iPhone 4 mania a few weeks back, I picked up Sprint’s newest phone, the HTC EVO, to try it out and see how it compared to my beloved Blackberry. I’ve been enjoying the phones features, like the dual cameras, GPS navigation and live video sharing. But there is one feature that stands out from the rest: the 3G/4G hotspot capability.

The hotspot was incredibly useful during a meeting we had with a prospect. I received an iPad as a Father’s Day gift from my family and decided that it would be a great to use for our presentations. When we arrived at the prospect’s office I encountered a problem: A password protected Wi-Fi and the person we were meeting with had no clue as to what the password was. I needed an Internet connection for parts of our presentation. Luckily, I had the EVO with me.

Before we got going on our presentation, I turned on the EVO’s hotspot and kept the phone in my pocket. I connected the iPad to Sprint’s 4G network and our presentation went flawlessly.

Having an on-the-go hotspot is incredibly useful. Sprint’s reliable 4G network is great, even though it is only available in a few markets, and I can upload or download files wherever I am, allowing me to always stay connected. If 4G is not availabe it defaults to 3G which is still more then enough for general browsing.

Have you tried out the EVO or any other new phones or gadgets? We’d love to hear which ones you have tried out and how you are using them. Feel free to drop us a line or leave us a comment.

Image: Engadget

Posted by Eric Garza on 07/12 at 08:14 AM in BusinessGadgetsTechnology

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