How Would You Like Your Burger?

How Would You Like Your Burger?

Customer: I want a burger.
Waiter: Would you like it well-done? A thin line of pink?
Customer: I just want a burger.
Waiter: Okay, but do you want it fixed a certain way?
Customer: Just give me a burger.
Waiter: Cheese, lettuce and tomatoes?
Customer: Just a burger, please!

When you want a good burger to eat, do you ever order like this? I doubt it. The truth is, we typically know what we want. I know how I want my burger. I like it slightly well-done, but still juicy. Give me some cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, mustard and green chilies on whole wheat buns. I don't have a problem ordering because I know what I want.

When it comes to branding, websites and marketing pieces, many companies just know they need these things produced and don't give much thought to why they need them and what long-term purposes they can serve. Certainly, we guide our clients through these sometimes tough decisions. We are always there to offer advice, provide new insights and different angles, but there is a certain amount of responsibility that lies with our clients. And this responsibility lies in the details.

The details matter.

It is extremely important that companies be specific. You don't have to know the technical ins and outs of production, but knowing what you need produced, why you need it produced and who your target audience is will go a long way towards reaching your goals.

Details also set the tone for your project. With them we can evaluate what solution we need to provide and how they need to be implemented. Minding the details makes people happy, makes projects run smoothly and deliver results.

If you don't care about the details from the start, you won't like the results. You will have wasted a lot of time, effort and money on an overcooked patty slapped between two pieces of bread. If a little more time is spent focusing on what you need and why you need it, I promise you'll be more satisfied with the results.

So the question is, what is your company hungry for? We'd love to cook up a great solution for you.

Image: Marshal Astor, "Bobcat Bite burger", Via Flickr Creative Commons Attribution

Posted by Eric Carroll on 02/10 at 04:15 PM in BusinessCreative

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