It’s All About Execution

It’s All About Execution

By now you should be well on your way to implementing your 2010 business plan? Or maybe you launched your new marketing strategy or you’re learning more about this thing called Social Media? How about achieving your new sales goals, yes or no

Many business professionals and entrepreneurs alike made resolutions for the New Year. So are you keeping those resolutions?

Not working out for you, huh?

Unfortunately it’s not the intention that counts. You can have all the right intentions in the world, but if you don’t take concrete steps to pump up sales, as an example, I can almost guarantee you’ll be in the same financial boat this time next year.  

It takes execution. Here are some tips on how to do just that:

  • The first step is vision.  Visualize your goal. It’s a great technique to make things happen. Want to be the best salesperson in your company? Want to grow your staff? Want to break into new markets? You have to see it in your mind’s eye. If you can visualize it, you can make it happen.
  • Plan to succeed, not fail.  Now that you know what you want. Map it out. Write it down on paper, put it up on a board or build a document on your laptop. This is your goals/business worksheet, your blueprint, your guide to achieving your objectives and ultimately achieving success.
  • Talk to others. You’re not reinventing the wheel here. It’s been done before. Talk to others, whether friends, colleagues or business associates, and let them know what you’re doing. This builds support and it fosters accountability – the more people you tell, the more incentive you have to get the job done. These people will act as a support system that may be of help to you later in the process.
  • A journey of 1,000 miles begins with the first step. Now it’s time to implement your plan. You’ve done your homework, you’ve talked to knowledgeable people, you’ve put it down on paper – it’s time to get to work. Let whatever motivates you help drive you to your goals. Yes, the first step is possibly the hardest, but then you only have 999 steps to go.
  • Execution is the key.  I know it sounds so easy. But behavior is now of utmost importance at this point. Pick up the phone and make that call,  come out of your shell and talk to the executive, set that appointment with TheEyeWorks to design your Website (shameless plug) – whatever it is that will get you to where you want to be, now is the time for action. Implement that plan you developed. No more excuses, no more words, only action and results. Even if it’s bad results. It’s better than no results at all.
  • Behavior vs. Attitude. There is a debate on whether behavior or attitude will make you successful. I think it takes both. You must develop a great and positive attitude to believe in yourself and your abilities. This should be backed-up with great business behavior patterns: great work ethic, routine of making new business calls, networking like a madman, etc. Use good behavior and a great attitude to help you achieve your goals.
  • Only you can hold you back. To put everything in perspective, I think of the teenager that fought for her life after the Haiti earthquake. After she was dug up from under the rubble, they asked her, “What kept you going?” She said, “I told myself that I was not going to die, that I would live.” This is the spirit we can capture as business people to achieve what we want to out of life. Then maybe we can help someone else along the way and give them a helping hand.

If you would like to add something, by all means, please send us a comment. Let me know what you have done to achieve your goals. As always you can directly follow me on Twitter

Posted by Ramir Camu on 03/05 at 12:33 AM in BusinessMarketing

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