Lessons We Can Learn From The Healthcare Debate

Lessons We Can Learn From The Healthcare Debate

Everyone is talking healthcare. It’s the hot topic of the season. Whichever side of the debate you are on, there are lessons we can learn as business people from this very important debate.

Listen to your constituents. The last thing you need is a town hall scene like the angry constituents we see today on TV. That’s why it is important to listen to your customers and be attentive to their concerns. A happy customer is one that feels their needs are being addressed.

Come up with creative ideas. Each side of the healthcare debate are going all out in getting their messages into the hands of their constituents and using creative methods to state their case. We should take their example and utilize every creative idea that makes sense to achieve our business goals. Creativity with solid business best practices, works.
Know the facts. Now even though the smoke hasn’t cleared in the healthcare debate, one thing is certain, each side of the debate has facts and figures that they use to state their case. In the same way, we as business people need to know what is best for our customers and it is important that we walk into that meeting with our clients armed with the facts.
Leverage today’s communications tools. If you want to see how effective Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Email marketing and Web tools can be in getting a message out, no need to wait long, there is a message coming your way concerning healthcare. If it works for an issue such as this, imagine what it can do for your marketing communications.
The bottom line and what I’m ultimately referring to is effective communications. Now more than ever we as business people need to use what works to grow our business and get our products and services into our customers hands.

Posted by Ramir Camu on 09/28 at 05:37 PM in BusinessMarketingPublic Relations

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