Life Lessons from the Mavs’ Championship

Life Lessons from the Mavs’ Championship

Last night Dallas and Mavericks fans everywhere celebrated as their team defeated the Miami Heat in a 4-2 series to win for the first time in franchise history the NBA Championship title. This was a great night and a great victory for the Mavs after having had a devastating defeat against the same team 5 years ago.

This epic battle for the title played out like a script right out of Hollywood, where an underdog comes from behind against all odds facing a seemingly unstoppable opponent to redeem themselves of an earlier humiliation.

As a business owner I always like to observe current events and stories of success to see what principles and lessons I can take away and apply to my own life and my business. Here's are 3 lessons we can learn from the Mavericks' victory over the Miami Heat.

Individual Talent Is Good, but Teams are Better

Last night as I was going over my Twitter timeline I came across a congratulatory tweet that Steve Case sent Mark Cuban, the owner of the Mavericks and well know Dallas billionaire. This is what it said:

"Congrats to @mcuban on winning #NBA championship. Stars matter. But teams matter more. #mavericks"

We tend to become starstruck when we see individuals with awesome talent, such as Wade or LeBron, but we forget that it takes a solid team to build something great. Individual talent will only take you so far. Without a group of people that can work together, that complement each other and have each other's backs when one is faltering, we will fall short. This was clearly evident during game 6 when Dirk was off his game, he could not make a shot, but the rest of the team swooped in and took over the game while Dirk got his shot back.

Bill Gates didn't build Microsoft alone, Armstrong didn't get to the moon on his own and Dirk didn't win the championship by himself.

Consistency Is the Name of the Game

A lot of times we hear stories of people achieving "overnight success" only to realize that it really wasn't overnight. We don't see the free throw practices day in and day out, the never ending drills, jump shots and grueling gym sessions. We all want to succeed, all want to hold that trophy high and celebrate, but are we willing to put in the time and effort it takes to win?

Not only does it take consistency, but also a sort of stubbornness and resolve that will make you get up and try again and again and again, even when the critics are saying your past your prime, you're not athletic enough, smart enough, fast enough, tall enough, rich enough, etc.

Beware of Becoming Overconfident

When we find ourselves in a position of success or of strength, it is easy to let down our guard and become complacent. We disregard our opponents because we feel invincible or forget to keep innovating and practicing our fundamentals, what got you there in the first place.

The Miami Heat began celebrating early on believing they had the key to win the championship, they had the big three, LeBron, Wade and Bosh and thought it would be a cinch to clinch the title with such awesome talent in the team.

Blockbuster suffered the same fate. They believed they owned the consumer video rental industry and no one could catch up. They dismissed Netflix and forgot to innovate.

We are most vulnerable when we are on the top.

So remember, a great team that executes consistently without easily giving up or becoming overconfident in the midst of success, can achieve great things.

What lessons did you learn from the Mavs win?

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