Microsoft is Ditching IE6. You should too.

Microsoft is Ditching IE6. You should too.

Microsoft has created a website to encourage people to ditch IE6 in favor of upgrading to a better Internet experience. Now most web designers and web developers don’t see eye-to-eye with Microsoft on everything they do, but I appreciate them making a push to help people see the need to upgrade.

When the maker of a popular browser decides to quit supporting a certain version of it, you better believe it’s time for you to do the same. IE6 is ten years old. Ten. Years. Old. Unless you are using a flip phone circa 1999, it’s time to upgrade.

Microsoft is scheduled to release IE9 on Monday. You should get rid of IE6 as soon as you can. Why?

1) IE6 is OLD

If your car, phone, tv and other tech-related possessions are newer than that, why haven’t you updated your browser yet? (If you use the dog years/internet years approximation, IE6 is 42 years old.)

2) IE6 is insecure

IE6 has big security holes and is worth getting rid of for that reason alone. Note: If your IT department ONLY wants people in your company using IE6, they need to be retired as much as your browser does.

3) IE6 is behind the times

The web has moved on to greener pastures, cleaner code and fewer hacks and workarounds. We can now build things that don’t require a Flash plugin to animate or provide additional functionality in fun, new ways. Guess which browser can't support that? You guessed it: IE6.

4) IE6 costs you money

You shouldn’t be paying agencies, designers and developers extra to support something that taxes creativity and the website building process. Fine, you want it to look decent in IE6, but don’t make people jump through hoops to make it look just like modern, up-to-date browsers can (and rather effortlessly). I liken it to retro-fitting a Chevy Chevette with airbags and a navigation system. You just sank a lot of money into a junk car that won't improve it's value.

So what do you say? Put down the old flip phone.

Put away IE6. Let’s look forward, for a change.

Posted by Eric Carroll on 03/09 at 02:47 PM in TechnologyWeb Design

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