Obama and McCain Tactics Exposed

Obama and McCain Tactics Exposed

Labor Day traditionally signals the beginning of the race for president in an election year. And if you’re just tuning in, it’s truly turning out to be a historic contest. Whatever your party affiliation or political leanings, there is one aspect that all political pundits agree - the emergence of what they are calling New Media is having an enormous impact on this year’s run for the White House.

Actually, this New Media has been around a while. It’s the political campaigns that have learned to leverage the power and influence of this technology to reach as many voters as possible. To ignore it, would be at their peril. Let’s explore a few of these.

The emergence of politically focused Websites such as, or is unprecedented*. These Websites serve to not only inform their respective party members, but also to enter the debate about what is left or right. Even the major news and cable networks acknowledge the reach and influence of these New Media sites and blogs.

In an overt use of new technology, the Obama campaign gave anyone who subscribed to their text messaging system a first look at who they would choose as the vice presidential candidate. At a predetermined time, each subscriber would receive a text message on their phone advising them of his choice. This method to spread the word was particularly effective with young voters such as college students – which the Obama campaign is targeting as a major voting block.

Not to be outdone, the McCain campaign used a variety of platforms to announce their candidate for vice president. Using a mix of email announcements, text messages, RSS feeds, and stay tuned to the John McCain Website, they simultaneously released their selection to media, party members, subscribers and the general public. It was an effective and coordinated use of technology.

The release of this type of important information by both campaigns is unprecedented. Gone is the old method of tuning into your favorite TV channel to get this type of breaking news. Instead of fighting it, the major news channels are embracing this type of instant communication that can reach you wherever you may be or whatever you may be doing.

Yes, the use of New Media is changing the face of politics. And the world of business can certainly take away a lesson from this historic race for the presidency.

Imagine giving your clients all the information they need in a company blog or wiki, or connecting with them live and online to instantly resolve any issues or problems, or sending them breaking news or developments about your business via their phone or targeted email marketing campaigns. These truly are exciting times as our society in general leverages all that technology has to offer.

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