Our Steps to a Successful Blogger Outreach Progam

Our Steps to a Successful Blogger Outreach Progam

We’ve been working on reaching out to beauty and lifestyle bloggers as part of a Bloggers Outreach Program for one of our clients. It’s been an eye opener as to how bloggers work and how getting in front of them is a great way to help gain additional exposure. Here are the steps we took. 

1) Select a target: For our skin care products client, it was easy: beauty, wellness and women’s focused bloggers. In other words, know who your customers are and what blogs they are likely to visit.

2) Set benchmarks: You may think that simply setting a target will be enough to get started with your research, but you need some sort of criteria because there are a TON OF BLOGS out there. Some are great, some aren’t. Some tools we used were PageRank, Alexa Rank and Technorati rating.

3) Research: Once you have your target and criteria, it’s time to get your research hat on. We found a large amount of bloggers through blogger networks and blog rolls. Technorati was also a great research tool. While researching we compiled: blog name, blogger’s name, blog focus, and activity on social media

4) Contact: Once we had our lists ready, we sent a customized email to the bloggers. We kept it simple and made it easy for them to contact us. Once we received responses, we directly followed up with them. We also started following then on our client’s Twitter account.

5) Follow Up: Keep in mind that (most) bloggers have day jobs. We’ve received blogger responses at all hours of the day. If you feel they’ve disappeared, continue following up and be patient.

6) Rapport: Build some rapport with the bloggers. Check out their blog and mention a post that you’ve enjoyed in one of your communication with them. As we mentioned, follow them on Twitter and “like” their Facebook page, if they have one.

7) Ask for referrals: You may have looked over some bloggers in your research, so take advantage of the fact that bloggers know other bloggers.

As more people begin to blog and social media continues to grow, bloggers outreach programs will continue to grow in popularity.

Have you embarked on a bloggers outreach program? If so, please share your stories and tips.

If you have any questions regarding our bloggers outreach program, feel free to leave them below.

Image: Jakob Boetter “Blogging and recording - all at once” November 9, 2005 via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution

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