PR and SEO: A Marriage Made in Web Heaven

PR and SEO: A Marriage Made in Web Heaven

BREAKING NEWS: Public Relations and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) have tied the knot!

Alright maybe that’s a little dramatic, but you get the idea. PR and SEO have courted each other for quite a while, and now PR pros and SEO experts agree that it’s all about the content. PR wants compelling and influential content that is a call-to-action for customers and prospects alike. SEO consultants want rich key search word and varied content that attracts search engines and those famed little search engine spyders that read that content.

The end result is two fold: meaningful content that influences your customers AND that raises your Website’s ranking with search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

And why do you want to raise your ranking? Well, so that your customers and prospects can find your Website online. Think of well written content as a laser beam straight to your site.

There are many and emerging weapons in your PR arsenal to utilize in your search for the SEO holy grail.

These days it’s hip to know and use Social Media. More importantly Social Media gives the PR pro new tools to use to impact SEO. Whether it’s a Blog, a Tweet or a message to Friends, use the influence of PR and the reach of Social Media to bring new visitors to your Website. Let’s see how many people you can influence in 140 characters.

Websites and Blogs want the same thing – great content and original articles or stories. A savvy PR pro will use key search words in the writing of these articles. This applies to just about any industry and any medium. Use articles, with the right content, to make a difference in SEO. Would you really buy a product from a site that can’t put a coherent sentence together? We hope not. Thus PR and SEO work together to make the content make sense.

Someone on Twitter declared the press release dead. Well that’s just silly. Companies, organizations and many others have a need to announce their news. The press release has evolved into a powerful online tool for both PR and SEO. With the right news and key search words in place, a press release can certainly help drive interested visitors to starved Websites. But be careful! A press release is still a news tool. Disseminating deceitful or faulty press releases can create a backlash.

Radio and TV are powerful broadcast tools within PR and media. Nothing sells more than a CEO or famed consultant voicing an opinion on a major network or station. Both PR and SEO want this video or audio clip on the Website and for the same reasons. It gives the visitor a reason to come back to the site and to stay tuned. This makes YouTube and Flickr very valuable to your overall SEO goals.

This is a sampling of how PR and SEO work together in harmony and toward the same online goals. If you have other examples, feel free to let us know. And please use key search words when you do.

Posted by Eric Garza on 07/13 at 09:53 AM in BusinessPublic RelationsSEOSocial Media

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