Protect Your Brand With PR!

Protect Your Brand With PR!

A while back a past client got some local TV coverage. While that may seem to be a good thing, unfortunately for them the story turned negative. Also unfortunate for them is that the news story prominently displayed their logo and said the name of their company repeatedly - thus inexplicably tying the company's brand to the negative tone of the story.

While winning TV or any press coverage may seem to be positive for your company or brand, it's obviously not a good thing if the coverage is negative.

And be assured your customers are watching.

Public Relations is a very effective tool in helping you protect and build your brand because it allows you to tell your story, your way - no filters, no misquotes and no mistakes. PR uses a variety of mediums to tell your story, whether its broadcast, print and now the emerging social media and networking sites.

Protect your brand using smart PR tactics:

  • Constantly survey how your brand is being communicated and perceived by your strategic audiences - customers, employees, the press and even competitors
  • In this age of social media, do a periodic and real-time analysis of your brand using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other online venues
  • Compare what others are saying about your brand to your internal branding messages - if they are the same, your PR efforts are working; if there is a disconnect between the two, then something is wrong and major adjustments need to be made
  • Manage the press - should a reporter ask for an interview or for your company to be a part of their story, remember that YOU are in charge - not the journalist. Ask them beforehand (politely) what the scope or focus of the story is, only then can you determine if you want your brand to be associated with this story
  • Repeat, repeat and repeat again the messages associated with your brand; Remember it's your story, you tell it the way you want to tell it
  • And continually send your brand's messages to your audiences, whether via an e-newsletter, periodic announcements or press releases

These are but some PR guidelines you can use to take control of and protect your brand. Not all news coverage is positive, so don't get involved in a story that will go negative. Use today's ever changing technology to survey and track your brands reputation. If it's positive, you are doing the right thing; if its negative to non-existent, then you need to make adjustments to your PR efforts.

And always keep in mind that you are in control of your messaging, don't let others tell your story, step up and tell your brand's story, your way.

Image: Guilherme Tavares, "Brands", Via Flickr Creative Commons Attribution

Posted by Eli Hernandez on 03/29 at 12:19 PM in Public Relations

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