Speak Your Way to Success

Speak Your Way to Success

We often speak about social media and making connections with people via Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. However making face-to-face contacts is what brings about a real connection. These connections have the potential to bring leads, sales or new talent to your company. Public speaking is a great way to get your name and ideas out there and build relationships. The fact that you have so many eyes on you may be one of your biggest fears, as it is for many, but the end result of your presentation can be well worth it. We’d like to share the steps we take when preparing for public speaking opportunities.

  1. Topic: What are you interested in speaking about? Don’t speak about something you aren’t knowledgeable or passionate about. Also, public speaking is probably not your day job, so make sure you have enough time to research, prepare and practice.
  2. Scope: What type of audience are you trying to reach? How large is this particular audience? If you are new to public speaking, you may want to start small. You may already belong to an organization that you are familiar with. Use those groups to get your feet wet. If you aren’t in any groups, get involved. Once you’ve found a group or organization you wish to present to, get in touch with the appropriate people to set up a date and time for your presentation.
  3. Research: Give yourself time to research your topic. Cover all the bases and talk to others about your topic. They may give you some much-needed insight or a different point of view.
  4. Prepare: If you are going to be using a slideshow, keep it simple. Don’t flood your presentation with text and make your graphics as large and easy to read as possible. You don’t want your audience moaning about your slideshow, you want them focused and engaged on what you are saying. (Check out Tim Ferriss' post Public Speaking- How I Prepare Every Time)
  5. Practice: Practice your presentation in front of family, friends and colleagues. Ask them for tips and don’t take their criticism personally.
  6. Present: You are prepared and you are ready. So get out there and make it happen.

After your presentation, be sure to offer ways for your audience to get in touch with you and stick around to answer some of their questions one-on-one.

Public speaking doesn’t have to be a daunting task and we hope that these steps will motivate you to get out there. If you have any additional tips or steps, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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Posted by Eric Garza on 08/16 at 07:30 AM in Business

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