Target. Google+. Bullseye.

Target. Google+. Bullseye.

I've been plugged into Google+ for a little over a week and am absolutely loving it. I haven't followed many people yet and am primarily experimenting with my close of group of friends and co-workers.

My favorite thing (so far) is how targeted your messages can be. When you create a post you can either post it for all to see, select certain people, or by distribute to a Circle of people based on certain characteristics. As a marketer, I think this is brilliant and could very well create some major hoopla for social savvy businesses.

Since Google+ Business Pages are still in the works, let's go ahead and use me as an example of how targeted your posts can be.

My friends look to me to share cool music. Typically when I share a song, I'll post it on Facebook where lots of people see it. I'm getting the song out there, hoping someone will listen to it and ultimately engage with me. Most of the time I get a few likes or a couple of comments, but in terms of my overall Facebook network (580 friends), we're talking about less than 1% engagement! That's not a great return.

On Google+ I can select exactly who I want to share my new favorite song with. Just like with any marketing activity:

  • I know what my product is (the song I'm sharing)
  • I've selected and researched my target market (my friends and their music tastes)
  • I know how and where I'm going to distribute (using Google+)
  • I can measure the "campaign's" success (number of comments, re-shares and +1's)

With a few clicks, I've shared my song with a group of people who really care about the genre or the artist. I receive meaningful responses. Discussions start. Feedback is given. And most importantly, the song is shared. What more could you possibly ask for as a marketer?

It's an exciting time to be involved in social media. New platforms are only going to create a richer and more dynamic landscape. With Google+ we are starting to see the beginning of a targeted social world and that's very good news for all of us.

Don't forget that social media isn't just about one tool ruling them all. It's about using these tools effectively to share stories with your audience, wherever they may be.

How are you trying to target your social media efforts? Let us know. 

Image: Kirill_M, "Bretonnian Pesant Bowmen", via Flickr Creative Commons Attribution.

Posted by Eric Garza on 07/14 at 11:55 AM in Social Media

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