To Social Media or Not To Social Media… That’s STILL the Question

To Social Media or Not To Social Media… That’s STILL the Question

In our previous blog we discussed four questions to ask while researching your company's possible social media campaign. You've asked these questions, have the answers and decide that it's not right for your company. So now, what's next?

Just because your company has decided against developing and executing a social media campaign doesn't mean you can't use social media applications to your advantages. Here's what we recommend your business do:

Learn: Social media is still evolving. Take some time to learn about existing and up-and-coming applications and new social networks. Be knowledgeable. Bring up social media in meetings or when speaking with your colleagues. You never know which trend may be worth latching onto.    

Listen: Keep an ear to the ground on your customers, competitors and industry by using social media. Make it a point to scope out Facebook and Twitter at least once every two weeks. You don't have to hire a social media expert to do so. If your company already has a Twitter account use TweetDeck or Seesmic, or another Twitter desktop client to set up searches for your company, competitors and industry.

Get Involved: The beauty of social media is that you don't need to execute an intense campaign to reap some of its benefits. Odds are you are already on one social media network, so get involved. Start some conversations on different platforms and see how they could work to your advantage in the future.  

Just because a full-fledged social media campaign isn't right for your business, doesn't mean you can't use the tools available for the benefit of your company. Don't jump on the social media bandwagon just because everyone else is doing it. Do what is right and makes sense for your business, but ignore social media at your own peril.

If you're still unsure about using social media, check out this video and let us know what you think.

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