To Social Media or Not To Social Media…That Is the Question

To Social Media or Not To Social Media…That Is the Question

Your company has been throwing around the idea of implementing a social media initiative for a while now. Your team understands that social media is not just a trend; it’s a force to be reckoned with. More and more companies of all sizes are looking to take advantage of these evolving tools. Their goals are simple: raise awareness and gather information, while not spending a fortune.

Meanwhile, your company wants to get involved, but is still on the fence, not really sure if social media is appropriate for the marketing mix. Regardless, your company begins to research social media a little deeper to see how it could be utilized successfully, if at all. While your team is researching, ask the following questions:

  1. What are our goals? Whether they are to raise awareness, get involved with customers or provide a new angle of customer service, select the applications that complement your goals. There are lots of social media applications out there. Don’t arbitrarily make a Twitter account or a Facebook page just because they are the most popular. If you want to provide insight or information, a blog may be the best tool to use. Your company could then use Twitter or Facebook to promote it. 
  2. Are our customers using social media? Sure, the odds are that some of your customers have a Twitter account or a Facebook profile. But how are they using it? Are they speaking about your brand, competitors, and products or are they talking about what they are doing?
  3. Are our competitors using social media? Perform a competitive analysis. Have they had success? What tools are they using?
  4. Do we have the manpower? There is no such thing as free social media. Sure, starting a blog, creating a Facebook page, or a YouTube account are all free, but executing your social media plan takes time. And time is money. The time you devote to social media will take away from other traditional marketing activities. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Also, don’t forget that you need to take time to analyze and measure your activity.

You’ve asked these questions and have the answers. Your customers are talking about you and your industry, your competitors are using social media, you’ve selected the applications to match your goals and you’ve got the manpower to make it all happen. It looks like social media is right for your marketing efforts, but what if you don’t have the answers?

Check back on Thursday to see what to do if social media is not right for you and what you can do to still have some level of involvement. As always, if you have any additions to this list or any comments, please feel free to share.

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Posted by Eric Garza on 06/16 at 11:44 AM in BusinessMarketingSocial Media

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