Twitter Feels Like We’re Back in High School

Twitter Feels Like We’re Back in High School

The thought occurred to me the other day as I was reading my timeline on Twitter - Social Media is really like being back in High School. It kind of gave me an eerie feeling.

When you think about it, it makes sense. Social media is another social construct or extension of how we interact as human beings. The medium, location or situation doesn’t change the fact that we are just people trying to find our place in this world, trying to fit in and trying to be heard.  Twitter and Social Media in general is no different. Maybe the titles, the lingo and the reach have changed, but we’re all back in High School trying to make sense of this new phenomenon.

You’ll find that the same type of people, groups and cliques on Twitter as you would in (insert your High School Name Here) High.
The Popular Kids – Everyone wanted to be with the most popular kids in school. On Twitter, everyone wants to be associated with and be mentioned by the @chrisbrogan @mashable @guykawasaki ‘s of the world. These are the elite kids, if they notice you, you’re IN!

The Jocks or Cyber-Bullies – Then there are the Jocks of Twitter or Cyber-bullies that try to push their weight around by telling everyone what to do and what not to do, what to say and how to say it on Twitter. I won’t call them out here, but they know who they are. And we’re watching them.

The Overachievers Kids – You remember those kids in school, right? They were involved in just about every club and after-school activity. In the Social Media world @mayhemstudios @jason_pollock are present in just about every topic you can mention. It’s exhausting keeping up with these kids. 

The Cheerleaders – Enough said! On Twitter, our cheerleaders could be @prsarahevans or @juliaRoy. Always in a great mood and cheering on for Social Media Ra ra, shish koom ba!

The High School Paper – If you didn’t read your school paper then you missed out on some good information and sometimes juicy gossip; @scobleizer or @leolaporte are some of the guys to know, to be in the know.

The Geeks – Remember those kids that lived in the computer labs or library? They were smart, always prepared and had a ready writing utensil and calculator. On Twitter @ChrisPirillo fits the bill. If you want the latest gadget review, go to him.

The Rebels – They were cool, they smoked and probably drove a motorcycle or cool car to school. We have our rebels on Twitter also, @unmarketing and @lisabarone are our rebels on Twitter. Give them hell!

The Prom King and Queen – Of course the super elite of the kids in High School are the prom King and Queen and on Twitter those honors could belong to @aplusk and @ijustine respectively. We all want to be like them and be them. Give them their crowns, please.

Now everyone is heading to the prom in Austin at SXSW!

So Social Media and Twitter in particular is a lot like being back in High School, without the weird hair.
Now chime in. Agree, disagree, want to add to the list?

Posted by Ramir Camu on 03/11 at 01:36 PM in Social Media

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