Twitter Launches Two-Step Authentication and Why You Should Care

Twitter Launches Two-Step Authentication and Why You Should Care

A couple of days ago, Twitter announced that it had finally launched two-step authentication for all accounts. What does this mean? 

Two-step authentication is simply a safe guard that protects your account from someone hacking it by adding an additional step to the login process. When you enable "login verification", as Twitter is calling it, after logging in with you username and password, Twitter will send you a unique and temporary code via SMS  that you will then need to input as second step in order to succesfully complete the sign in process.

There have been multiple, highly influential accounts hacked recently that have caused anywhere from embarrasment, think the McDonald's twitter account turned into a Burger King parody account, to the AP account that made the DOW Jones drop nearly 500 points by tweeting that President Obama had been injured due to an explosion at the White House.

So do us all a favor and head over to Twitter after watching this video to enable "login verification" in your account. Nobody wants to receive a DM from you with the message, "Did you see this pic of you, lol."

Posted by Ramir Camu on 05/24 at 10:36 AM in BusinessSocial MediaTechnology

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