Two “Crunchy” Social Media Lessons

Two “Crunchy” Social Media Lessons

Wheat Thins' "The Crunch is Calling" campaign started in the summer of 2010. This campaign garnered attention because in addition to advertising crunchy snacks, it also shows off their social media savvy.

The premise of their TV commercials, which you can view on their YouTube page, is simple. A lucky few who Tweeted @CrunchIsCalling, or wrote on their Facebook page, would get a surprise visit from Wheat Thins for a very personalized response.

As with all of these "real-world" advertisements, skepticism ran high. Wheat Thins has taken the skepticism in stride and teaches us two valuable lessons: meet skepticism straight on and acknowledge mistakes.
Dealing with Skepticism:
One of their latest spots revolves around handling skepticism. They show a young man's Tweet calling the commercials “uber fake.” Soon enough they meet up with him to show him how real the commercials really are.

They've also embraced the skepticism on Twitter. Their Twitter feed is full of responses to skeptics. The unsuspecting Twitterers in the commercials also help with the skepticism by posting pictures with the crew and the free Wheat Thins boxes they received.

Acknowledging Mistakes:
In one particular commercial, Wheat Thins mixes up a Tweet and a Facebook status update. Of course, this isn't a huge mistake, but it could’ve lead to additional skepticism. So, they quickly created a YouTube video acknowledging the mistake.

As social media continues to evolve as a communications platform we may see more and more companies using it to right wrongs and show authenticity.

Have you seen any other examples of businesses acknowledging mistakes and meeting skepticism straight on? Let us know.

Written by Eric Garza.

Image: Clean Wal-Mart, "Crackers", February 5, 2007. Via Flickr Creative Commons Attribution.
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