Two LinkedIn Success Stories

Two LinkedIn Success Stories

LinkedIn is one of social media's sometimes forgotten networks. However, it is a very useful source for professionals and if used effectively can bring about results. Here are two quick stories of how we got solid leads on LinkedIn.

One afternoon I received a message from a business consultant in Arizona. She was looking around for a marketing agency to team-up in preparations for a proposal to a popular electronics conglomerate. The consultant was going to be in Dallas and we arranged to meet-up.

We had a great meeting and saw that there were synergies between her services and ours. We were very excited to have made this contact and know that there could be more opportunities in the future. It’s all about making connections and LinkedIn helped us do that.

A few months ago we placed an advertisement on LinkedIn. We were somewhat skeptical at first, but then a week later we got a solid lead. Although we used a free trial to post our advertisement, we were happy with the results and are looking at ways to improve our advertisements on LinkedIn in the future. The great thing about placing advertisements on LinkedIn is how targeted you can make them. We were able to target specific users with specific titles. We work with decisions makers, so being able to target them is very useful.

What are some of your LinkedIn success stories? Feel free to share. We are working on utilizing LinkedIn for business development, so be on the lookout for some activity from us in the future.

Posted by Eric Garza on 07/29 at 02:36 PM in BusinessSocial Media

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