Web Analytics: Your Very Own Intelligence Agency

Web Analytics: Your Very Own Intelligence Agency

I know the subject of Web Analytics doesn’t sound very sexy or exciting. Maybe by the time you finish reading this article, you will find web analytics to be a necessary and important part of your overall online strategy.

I often tell business owners that they should consider their Website to be an important member of their sales team. If your Website isn’t making the phone ring, then there’s something wrong with it.

Your Website is also your very own Intelligence Agency, and it’s right at your fingertips. By tracking and understanding the data that your Website can provide, you can (1) understand your customer better and (2) spend your Web marketing dollars wisely.

So what is web analytics? It’s simply the collection, measuring and analyzing of data so that you can maximize your Web presence and usage. Through web analytics, you will be able to more accurately monitor traffic flow and visitors to your site. You will be able to gather the following type of information:

  • The length of time visitors stay on your site
  • What pages did they go to the most
  • How did they come to your Website – directly, via another link or via a search engine
  • Find and track the key search words your visitors used to find your site
  • And gather a host of user information such as nationality, language, and city of origin, to name a few

Information gathered through web analytics coupled with a strong SEO/PPC program, work in unison to maximize your sites marketing potential.

You can make several adjustments using this type of intelligence. For example, by better understanding your customer, you may tailor your marketing program to fit their buying needs. This translates to streamlining and making the most use of your marketing dollars. You can also drive more traffic to your site by optimizing those pages on your Website that are the most popular and valuable to your visitor. In addition, you will know the most effective way of presenting your company and products to your prospective customers, because they are basically telling you what appeals to them.

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