What is a CMS Anyway?

What is a CMS Anyway?

There are many advantages to having a Content Management System (CMS) on your Website. The most notable of these is that content managers no longer have to know HTML to update and post fresh content to their Websites.

Today’s CMS is a PR or Marketing departments dream come true. Anyone responsible for updating and posting new content to their Website, such as press releases, announcements, new hire postings, etc., can do so easily and most times quickly. Gone are the days of having to go through your Web team or provider, and waiting until they get around to your request.

A Content Management System allows the expanded Web team to take ownership of their Website and be responsible for its performance and success. It also means being accountable when important information must be posted to the site quickly – such is the case for public companies which must disclose financial information on a timely basis.

I’ve already explained that having a user-friendly CMS allows the average content manager the luxury of not having to learn HTML and provides for faster Web updates. An effective CMS also provides for standardization. This means that the person posting updates cannot rearrange or change the basic structure of the Web page. The site will continue to look and feel consistent, but allows the content manager to post their information at will.

There are many CMS tools out there. Work closely with your Web designer or provider to get the best CMS for your company needs.

Posted by Ramir Camu on 11/05 at 11:54 AM in Web Design

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