Where Are All of Our Likes?

Where Are All of Our Likes?

More and more CMO's, marketing directors and PR managers are seeing the benefits of setting up a Facebook for their business. The opportunities they create and the constant stream of real-time communication along with the insights they provide are incredibly beneficial. However, if you take a look at the top 50 most Liked Facebook profiles, it looks like any other mega-brand list. So how did they get all those Likes?

It's quite simple. THE OLD FASHIONED WAY.

Barring the top two most Liked pages (that's a blog for another day), these brands have relied on print, TV and radio advertising, public relations, word-of-mouth and direct mail to help promote and brand their products or services. They've also been keen on developing product innovations, in-store displays, guerilla marketing, and, in more recent times, web-based marketing efforts to take their brands to the next level or to reaffirm their dominance.

All of those efforts, not to mention the constant reminders to "Like Us on Facebook", are what got them all of those Likes. Of course, being around for a long time helps a lot too.

So you're a small to mid-size business with a Facebook page with only a few Likes. Is it time to give up hope? No. Have your efforts been a waste of time. No. You just have to view your Facebook page as a small, yet important part of your entire marketing arsenal.

Lots and lots of people are on Facebook. If they happen to land on your page, make sure you provide relevant information on what makes your company different. Show a willingness to interact with those who post on your wall and show a more personal side of your business.

It is not likely that you are going to become an overnight sensation because you have a Facebook page. Although your marketing budget may become more digital in years to come, you can't ignore the value of traditional marketing.

Is your business on its way to cracking the top 50 most liked Facebook pages? What are some of your favorite Facebook pages? Feel free to let us know.

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Posted by Eric Garza on 04/08 at 07:34 AM in Social Media

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