YOU Are Responsible For Your Own Privacy!

YOU Are Responsible For Your Own Privacy!

The hottest trending topic across all Social Networking sites is the issue of privacy. Both lovers and haters of Facebook for example, are all buzzing on whether their privacy practices, or lack thereof, are bad for you and your personal information.

If you are an avid Twitter fan, you see constant Tweets regarding how long someone will be in a meeting or away on vacation and where they are, especially if they are using location-based social networking application like Foursquare and Gowalla. This is a burglar's dream come true. Why not put up a sign in front of your house announcing that you are not home and that the keys are under the doormat? Aren't you endangering your loved ones and your home when you tell the whole world that you will be away?

There are already examples of people being stalked and their homes burglarized because of personal information posted on Twitter and Facebook. The site Please Rob Me used to post Tweets regarding people being away from their homes or at other locations in order to fulfill its goal of “raising awareness of over-sharing.” It has since fulfilled its goal and has ceased posting these types of Tweets.

It all comes down to this: Privacy is a personal decision whether in real life or on the Internet. Everyone has the right and obligation to either guard their private information or give it away freely. If you choose to share it, inform yourself on the privacy settings of the network you are using. Countless bloggers have posted links, videos, and other resources to educate on guarding your information so you can share what you want with whom you want. There will never be a shortage of people that are looking for ways to use your information for their own gain, so protect yourself by taking the initiative to educate yourself on your social network’s privacy settings.

Here is a good article on taking responsibility for your own actions on the Internet.

Let us know what you think about this topic and let's discuss it.

Posted by Eric Garza on 05/18 at 03:10 PM in Social MediaTechnology

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