You Tweeted WHAT?!?

You Tweeted WHAT?!?

As some of you have seen, the Red Cross had an accidental "rogue Tweet" that was dispersed across the Twitterverse last night. Although it was a bit comical and the matter has since been resolved, it got us thinking as to what companies should do to prevent this from happening and what to do if an inappropriate Tweet is sent.

Use Separate Twitter Applications

Most social media managers do a hefty amount of Tweeting from their phones. They also have personal Twitter accounts. You may have fallen in love with your mobile Twitter app, but if you can specify one for work and one for personal, you won't have to worry about Tweeting something inappropriate at odd hours of the night. Also, for those of you who are more visual, use distinctly different photos/avatars on each account. This will make allow you to be visually aware of which account you are Tweeting from.

Have a Social Media Policy in Place

If your business is active on social networks, you should already have a social media policy in place. It's not difficult to create and is an absolute must. We've seen too many examples of silly Tweets spreading quickly and companies not knowing what to do. With a plan, you know what steps to take, no matter the situation.

Appoint Quality Control

A team member should keep an eye out for Tweets sent from the company account. If anything goes awry, they should be the first one to raise the red flag (or flash the Bat symbol) to let the team know.

Acknowledge the Mistake

The Red Cross did this wonderfully. They deleted the Tweet, acknowledged the mistake and the deletion, and put a positive twist on the situation. A happy ending to what could've become a social media nightmare.

If your social media manager is managing multiple Twitter accounts (including personal ones), odds are that something meant for one account will be sent on another. It's happened to us on more than one occasion. Luckily, the Tweets weren't anything serious.

How would you have handled the Red Cross "rogue Tweet" situation? What would you add to our list? Let us know. And if you're feeling generous, feel free to head over the the American Red Cross and donate.


Image: Alex Proimos, "Head in Hands",  Via Flickr Creative Commons Attribution

Posted by Eric Garza on 02/16 at 01:18 PM in BusinessPublic RelationsSocial MediaTechnology

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