Shopping Around For a Website?

Shopping Around For a Website?

I think most business people have come to the realization that if they are a serious enterprise, they need a serious Website. There are a few people that are still in denial about the Internet, but thankfully not many. So the real question becomes, how and what do I look for when buying a Website for my business?

The analogy I like to use is the guy who is torn between getting an Audi or a Kia. No offense to Kia, but there is a real and stark difference between these two vehicles. There are differences in quality, manufacturing, dependability, customer service and yes, price. While both vehicles will take you from point A to point B, it’s the Audi, let’s face it, that has the higher-quality, is more dependable, gets noticed more and is a better value for the money. The Kia is just a car.


Posted by Ramir Camu on 05/27 at 09:12 AM in BusinessWeb DesignCommentsPermalink

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