BizWorks - Sales on Demand Program

BizWorks is a six-month Sales on Demand! program that helps clients (1) analyze their current and planned, sales, marketing and promotional activities, (2) implement new strategies that will help them achieve increased sales and revenues, (3) and achieve (or at a minimum point them in the right direction) their overall business goals for the year.

There are three programs to choose from: Basic, Plus+ and Premium programs (see table). When your business is ready for more sales, BizWorks is there to bring you new customers on demand. This program is executed in stages:

Discovery & Review


This is the initial meeting and review stage. We meet with your key company executives and professionals to get full buy-in into our BizWorks program. This is an opportunity to answer questions and to start planning the next steps of this exciting program. Transfer of files, materials and plans also takes place during this stage. Let’s get started.



We believe in generating results quickly. You will not have to wait months and months before you see new business or new sales calls coming into your business. This is why we deploy a rapid marketing or promotional activity usually during the first month of the program. We make a quick assessment of which activity will have an immediate impact and return on your investment. Quick Sales gives you fast results when you need it most.

Power Consulting


Once we have assessed your materials and the first marketing activity is underway, we come back to you with our professional recommendations on what is working and what is not working for your company. This feedback comes to you in a detailed report and generally covers: Sales – Audit of current sales efforts, sales personnel (Can they sell?), sales processes, scripting, customer interviews, etc.; Marketing – Audit of plans, marketing personnel, branding, brand recognition, marketing activity, collateral materials – online and print, Website review, SEO, online conversion rate, etc.; Media/PR – Audit of PR activity, customer relations, community involvement, media impressions, etc.

Depending on our final recommendations, be prepared to consider the following sample of suggested changes: Change company name, change company logo, update company collaterals, redesign company Website, implement an SEO program, implement a PPC campaign, redirect sales efforts, reallocation of marketing funds, redirecting marketing efforts, improving sales efforts, and rewriting marketing plan and objectives. Any of these suggested steps are intended to help your company achieve its stated business goals.

Sales Training & Generation


In partnership with Acuity Systems, Inc., a sales and sales generation consulting firm, we provide your sales force with impactful and market relevant training in the art of sales, sales processes, presentations and closing the deal. You’re about to take your sales efforts to a whole new level.

Marketing – Internet and Traditional


Here is where things really get exciting. Based on your information and our recommendations, we will execute a marketing program – both online and traditional – with the purpose of generating sales and bringing new customers to your business. We use every marketing tool at our disposal. Online Marketing activity may include: Email Marketing campaigns, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – six month commitment, Website Design and Development and Social Media Marketing efforts. Traditional Marketing activity may include: Advertising – print and online, Public Relations, Direct Mail, or Community Relations. This stage applies to Plus+ and Max Sales programs only.



Any good marketing or sales campaign should be measurable. We provide you with daily, weekly or monthly reports which track the effectiveness of our program. You will not have to wait until the end of the program to find out if our efforts are working for you. We use the latest technology to gauge effectiveness and have the flexibility to change course if it is needed.

It’s All about Results

  • Based on previous experience, sales may increase by as much as 30%
  • Substantial increase in Website traffic/hits
  • More effective sales force/efforts
  • Increase in online conversions
  • Increase in brand recognition
  • Increase in search engine optimization


  Sales on Demand!
  Basic Plus+ Premium
Sales Programs
Discovery & Review
Power Consulting
Sales Training
Quick Sales
Email Marketing
Weekly Progress Reports
Public Relations  
Search Engine Optimization    
Website Design and Development    
PPC Campaigns    
Social Media Marketing (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)    
Timeline Six Months Six Months Six Months
Budget* $5,000 mo. $8,000 mo. $12,000 mo.

* Monthly retainer

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